- My name is Edward Hotchkiss and I am a Software Engineer & Entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, CA; originally from NYC. I helped build The Frid.ge which later sold to Google, folding into Google+.

- My work is generally consulting for startups and building MVPs. My core focuses are Node.js, MongoDB, Backbone.js, Angular.js and other emerging web based technologies.

On Github, /edwardhotchkiss/

Selected Open Source Code on Github:

  • - short » Promise-based Node.js URL Shortener backed by Mongoose.js
  • - always » CLI Tool to run a Node.js Process, Restarting on File Changes & Crashes
  • - mongoose-paginate » Mongoose.js (Node.js & MongoDB) Document Query Pagination
  • - mongo-view » {mongo.view} a lightweight node.js tool for managing mongodb databases
  • - Laser.js » JavaScript based Laser-precision CSS3 animation sequencing & timing
  • - node-angular » Node.js + Angular.js project generator
  • - github3 » Node.js GitHub API (v3) Wrapper